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I’ve been a bachelor for almost 2 years and the dating scene has proved to be frustrating. We live in a vain society. There is too much focus on the physical attributes versus a persons mental substance. It is rare that inner beauty matches the exterior. The sad part is that some individuals believe that their physical appearance defines who they are. They feel as though they must date someone with the same visual level of attractiveness. Nothing is wrong with this. The wrong is that not much attention is paid to personality and mental stimulation. Now, don’t get it twisted. I have my preferences of physical attraction but I dig deeper into the exterior. On a scale of physical attraction, the person I am interested in must be at least a 7/10. There has to be somewhat of an attraction. Then once I get to conversate and am subjected to a great personality and mental sharpness, then this is just as sexy and attractive to me. This turns a 7/10 into a 10/10.

The argument can be made that individuals which devote their lives to their appearance and such, are selfish. I do not believe this is necessarily true. I only think that people should devote as much time they do to their looks, to improving their minds and their inner beauty. This is done by gaining knowledge, mannerisms, achieving a level of understanding, etc. My only qualm is this, if you are going to get in shape and look good, that’s fine; but do not stray away from who are you. I’ve seen friends completely transition themselves into attractive people only to turn snotty, full of themselves and extremely vain.

Then I’ve come across women that are attention feins. I’ve dabbled on dating sites and I’ve always been out and met people. It seems that now-a-days there is easy access to social communication. Singles and even those attached can easily obtain attention from a gazillion guys/girls if they wanted to. Some women/men love attention to the point where even if they met one good person and start to date, it is not enough. There is a lack of loyalty and a short memory span in today’s world. I do not believe I am an unattractive person. I am simply saying that there is more to a person than looks.

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