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How about these new presidential candidates? It’s worse¬†than the soap operas that are on TV. All of the candidates will be talking about how they can make America great or how they are the right fit to be Commander-In-Chief. Isn’t it interesting how a President is suppose to unite the people yet is prone to bash the other political party to show that one is right over the other. And at this point of the year, it’s not only Republican versus Democrat, it’s also a battle within each party. Each person wants to stand out. The criticisms grind the hell out of my gears. The shouting matches and the insults – is all a ploy to get you to dislike one and favor the other. It seems to be more important than actual ideas and plans to get this country on the right track. Politic soap operas grinds my gears.

The freakin’ Winter definitely gets the gears grindin’. The Fall may be even worse as all it is to me is a precursor for Winter. A reminder of the wretched snow and freezing temperatures. Winter is the¬†season of car breakdowns and leaving early to “warm it up” and defrost the freakin’ windshields! I’m a bitter man during this season. Mostly a morning person but not during the Winter. Well, once I get into a warm office, I’m right back to cheering up. It’s just the weather that kills me. It’s the weather and it’s the short days. The most depressing thing about the Winter is leaving the office to step outside into darkness at 5:30 in the evening. This is gear grinding to the extreme.

Finally, what’s been grinding my gears are my student loans. Yes, I understand that you must hold down your own. You take these loans under the premise that you will pay back your debt plus interest. I simply wish that this was a part of high school education. As you go through higher learning, you are too busy to prepare mentally and financially to repay this loan. In addition to the possibility that you may or may not earn more money within 6 months of obtaining your degree, this is a tough debt to swallow. It grinds my gears that I did not fully prepare for this payment. I can only hope that future generations take classes prior to college to understand the realism of taking student loans. Unfortunately, it is not free money. That is what sucks the most.

What grinds your gears?

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