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How about these new presidential candidates? It’s worse than the soap operas that are on TV. All of the candidates will be talking about how they can make America great or how they are the right fit to be Commander-In-Chief. Isn’t it interesting how a President is suppose to unite the people yet is prone to bash the other political party to show that one is right over the other. And at this point of the year, it’s not only Republican versus Democrat, it’s also a battle within each party. Each person wants to stand out. The criticisms grind the hell out of my gears. The shouting matches and the insults – is all a ploy to get you to dislike one and favor the other. It seems to be more important than actual ideas and plans to get this country on the right track. Politic soap operas grinds my gears.

The freakin’ Winter definitely gets the gears grindin’. The Fall may be even worse as all it is to me is a precursor for Winter. A reminder of the wretched snow and freezing temperatures. Winter is the season of car breakdowns and leaving early to “warm it up” and defrost the freakin’ windshields! I’m a bitter man during this season. Mostly a morning person but not during the Winter. Well, once I get into a warm office, I’m right back to cheering up. It’s just the weather that kills me. It’s the weather and it’s the short days. The most depressing thing about the Winter is leaving the office to step outside into darkness at 5:30 in the evening. This is gear grinding to the extreme.

Finally, what’s been grinding my gears are my student loans. Yes, I understand that you must hold down your own. You take these loans under the premise that you will pay back your debt plus interest. I simply wish that this was a part of high school education. As you go through higher learning, you are too busy to prepare mentally and financially to repay this loan. In addition to the possibility that you may or may not earn more money within 6 months of obtaining your degree, this is a tough debt to swallow. It grinds my gears that I did not fully prepare for this payment. I can only hope that future generations take classes prior to college to understand the realism of taking student loans. Unfortunately, it is not free money. That is what sucks the most.

What grinds your gears?

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When I first heard about the death of Trayvon Martin, I noticed that the immediate reactions were of racism and discrimination. A plethora of artists were paying tribute to Trayvon Martin by wearing hoodies in their videos. You see, Trayvon donned a hoody the night he was killed. The idea is that the wearing of the hoody as well as his African American nationality was the reason why he was shot. Those that believe Trayvon was attacked and murdered say that Zimmerman profiled him. I will present both sides of the argument and let you be the judge.

What happened?
Zimmerman has stated that while in his vehicle on a personal errand, he noticed Martin walking inside the community. Zimmerman called the Sanford Police Department to report Martin’s behavior as suspicious, stating “This guy looks like he’s up to no good, or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about” and “looking at all the houses”. According to a police report, “there is no indication that Trayvon Martin was involved in any criminal activity at the time of the encounter”. While still on the phone with the police dispatcher, Zimmerman left his vehicle. After the phone call concluded, there was a violent encounter between Martin and Zimmerman. The encounter ended with Zimmerman fatally shooting Martin once in the chest at close range.


Attorneys for Martin’s family have accused Zimmerman of racially profiling Martin and shooting him “in cold blood.”

Zimmerman pursued Martin against the explicit instructions of the police dispatcher:
Dispatcher: “Are you following him?”
Zimmerman: “Yeah”
Dispatcher: “OK, we don’t need you to do that.”

Zimmerman was carrying a a 9 millimeter handgun. Martin was carrying a bag of Skittles and a can of iced tea.

Martin weighed 140 pounds. Zimmerman weighs 250 pounds.

Martin had no criminal record.

Zimmerman “was charged in July 2005 with resisting arrest with violence and battery on an officer. The charges appear to have been dropped.”


From the beginning, Zimmerman insisted he was a victim: Martin attacked him, then they tussled, he said. At one point, the teenager forced Zimmerman to the ground — his head hitting the pavement — and he cried out for help. It was then that Zimmerman, saying he had no other choice, shot Martin.

Doctors report shows Zimmerman was injured by Travon Martin. Martin autopsy shows brusing on knuckles showing he did beat up on Zimmerman.

Contrary to the media’s image of Martin as a typical teen, text messages written by him show that he was suspended from school for truancy, discussed obtaining firearms in detail, and admitted to handling marijuana.

Interestingly enough, Zimmerman is not only a minority, but the same kind that Martin was. Apparently, an old family photo shows that one of the man’s great grandfathers was Afro-Peruvian. Furthermore, for all of that talk about Zimmerman being a far-right racist lunatic, he is a registered Democrat.

Feel free to add any additional facts. I just took bits and pieces of what I know. Submit your verdict below and back it up with comments in the “Leave a Comment” section. Regardless, a life was taken. R.I.P. Trayvon Martin.

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