You see my aura is bright. I shine like a super nova. My energy is high powered. My confidence is at an all time high for I believe in who I am and what I am capable of. Yes, I may fall down. I may also get down on myself. The difference between me and the weak, is that I overcome. To be strong is to fall down and get back up with more confidence and more capability. This is because you are supposed to learn from your mistakes and get better.

I get better. It’s been historically proven that I conquer my troubles and I define awesome. Overly confident? I don’t think so. Maybe I’m just trying to trick my mind into believing this… or maybe I just know and realize my wealth. I can tell you this…It’s better to be overly confident than frail and unsure.

Be strong…Live strong…Overcome…

– Lito

I’ve been a bachelor for almost 2 years and the dating scene has proved to be frustrating. We live in a vain society. There is too much focus on the physical attributes versus a persons mental substance. It is rare that inner beauty matches the exterior. The sad part is that some individuals believe that their physical appearance defines who they are. They feel as though they must date someone with the same visual level of attractiveness. Nothing is wrong with this. The wrong is that not much attention is paid to personality and mental stimulation. Now, don’t get it twisted. I have my preferences of physical attraction but I dig deeper into the exterior. On a scale of physical attraction, the person I am interested in must be at least a 7/10. There has to be somewhat of an attraction. Then once I get to conversate and am subjected to a great personality and mental sharpness, then this is just as sexy and attractive to me. This turns a 7/10 into a 10/10.

The argument can be made that individuals which devote their lives to their appearance and such, are selfish. I do not believe this is necessarily true. I only think that people should devote as much time they do to their looks, to improving their minds and their inner beauty. This is done by gaining knowledge, mannerisms, achieving a level of understanding, etc. My only qualm is this, if you are going to get in shape and look good, that’s fine; but do not stray away from who are you. I’ve seen friends completely transition themselves into attractive people only to turn snotty, full of themselves and extremely vain.

Then I’ve come across women that are attention feins. I’ve dabbled on dating sites and I’ve always been out and met people. It seems that now-a-days there is easy access to social communication. Singles and even those attached can easily obtain attention from a gazillion guys/girls if they wanted to. Some women/men love attention to the point where even if they met one good person and start to date, it is not enough. There is a lack of loyalty and a short memory span in today’s world. I do not believe I am an unattractive person. I am simply saying that there is more to a person than looks.

New Day

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– Lito

Life's Lessons
At this point in my life, I was over a year out of the service and fully adapted to civilian life. My son Julian was almost a year old. And in the intro of this muse, I held the same message for one of the purposes of my muse: “Hopefully, it DOES entertain, teach, motivate, spark ideas, spark critics, awaken, or even have people correct or teach me by sharing their knowledge and experience”

Let’s take a look at my thoughts back then…

“My year started changing for the better when my son came into my life in March. He is now 9 months old and moody as hell. I look into his eyes and see that he has so much to give to the world and so much to take in. My job is to show him love and to teach him everything that i know about this journey called life. I want him to learn from my mistakes. I want him to be all that he can be…”

Julian is now 8. He is a smart young man. When you think he is not listening, he is. He then waits for the right time to ask questions based on what he heard. Simply put: he is a sponge. He obtains information and has an excellent memory. His memory is selective since he is a human after all. 🙂 When asked certain things, he can utter the famous phrase “I forgot”. But when you mention months ago an activity or place to go on this particular weekend, he will remind you instantly. Julian is very caring and patient. His personality is humble and genuine. I enjoy spending time with him and never get tired of his questions. My son is pure awesomeness.

“‘Death Before Dishonor’ is what my brother has tatted on this forearm. There are so many people in this world that are quick to dishonor another person. I guess it’s the easier route out of a situation in some cases. The values i grew up with in my family are the same i preach and practice when it comes to friends. It’s hard to entirely trust anyone, but honor and respect your friends and expect the same in return. Not everyone i know or talk to is a ‘friend’. To be labeled a ‘friend’ is something you have to earn. If you’re my friend or i’ve called you a friend, know that you can trust me. Know that i will be there”

I will never take it to the extreme and tatt ‘Death Before Dishonor’ on my body but honor is a rare characteristic. This is a cold world. A vast amount of people lie, cheat, and turn on you in the blink of an eye. When I was younger, I had many friends. This number has dwindled. As an adult, I’ve learned to be selective with friends. I keep few confidants but at least I’ll know they’ll have my back. Loyalty and Trust is very important to me. It’s not about quantity but quality.

Before marriage, a man yearns for the woman he loves. After
marriage, the ‘Y’ becomes silent.”

This was a funny quote I inserted back then. Crazy how truthful it came to be.

“Confusion plays a major role in everyones life. People go through certain emotional rollercoasters and don’t know what to think of it. Was it just a learning experience or was it a nightmare that should have never occurred? Some people search for something thats not there. Some people are confused about who they are and what is their purpose in life. I was confused about some things this year. I was confused about what to do and about relationships.”

I now believe that in one way or another, the struggles and obstacles in life are a learning experience. We will never be perfect or never say we “get it”. Life is a journey of continuous learning. We will all have moments where we are stuck and have to decipher your current situation. Sometimes you have to take a moment to reflect, re-energize and reformulate a plan to get back on track. Struggles are there for the strong to overcome. Live strong and look to better yourself at all times (in all aspects).

“Feel free to send me suggestions or topics to write about. I’ll let you know what replies i get if i post them on my muse.”

This still applies.

“Also, as a new request, i am requesting that everyone who receives this to forward the muse to those that you think might be interested.”

This still applies.

“Thank you to those that have read my muses this year and to those that have replied.”

Finally, this also applies. 🙂 I like to read comments. I will always encourage readers to do so. Whether you are complimenting, suggesting, disagreeing, etc. It’s good to hear your thoughts as well.

PabLito aka Lito aka Bubsy


When I first heard about the death of Trayvon Martin, I noticed that the immediate reactions were of racism and discrimination. A plethora of artists were paying tribute to Trayvon Martin by wearing hoodies in their videos. You see, Trayvon donned a hoody the night he was killed. The idea is that the wearing of the hoody as well as his African American nationality was the reason why he was shot. Those that believe Trayvon was attacked and murdered say that Zimmerman profiled him. I will present both sides of the argument and let you be the judge.

What happened?
Zimmerman has stated that while in his vehicle on a personal errand, he noticed Martin walking inside the community. Zimmerman called the Sanford Police Department to report Martin’s behavior as suspicious, stating “This guy looks like he’s up to no good, or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about” and “looking at all the houses”. According to a police report, “there is no indication that Trayvon Martin was involved in any criminal activity at the time of the encounter”. While still on the phone with the police dispatcher, Zimmerman left his vehicle. After the phone call concluded, there was a violent encounter between Martin and Zimmerman. The encounter ended with Zimmerman fatally shooting Martin once in the chest at close range.


Attorneys for Martin’s family have accused Zimmerman of racially profiling Martin and shooting him “in cold blood.”

Zimmerman pursued Martin against the explicit instructions of the police dispatcher:
Dispatcher: “Are you following him?”
Zimmerman: “Yeah”
Dispatcher: “OK, we don’t need you to do that.”

Zimmerman was carrying a a 9 millimeter handgun. Martin was carrying a bag of Skittles and a can of iced tea.

Martin weighed 140 pounds. Zimmerman weighs 250 pounds.

Martin had no criminal record.

Zimmerman “was charged in July 2005 with resisting arrest with violence and battery on an officer. The charges appear to have been dropped.”


From the beginning, Zimmerman insisted he was a victim: Martin attacked him, then they tussled, he said. At one point, the teenager forced Zimmerman to the ground — his head hitting the pavement — and he cried out for help. It was then that Zimmerman, saying he had no other choice, shot Martin.

Doctors report shows Zimmerman was injured by Travon Martin. Martin autopsy shows brusing on knuckles showing he did beat up on Zimmerman.

Contrary to the media’s image of Martin as a typical teen, text messages written by him show that he was suspended from school for truancy, discussed obtaining firearms in detail, and admitted to handling marijuana.

Interestingly enough, Zimmerman is not only a minority, but the same kind that Martin was. Apparently, an old family photo shows that one of the man’s great grandfathers was Afro-Peruvian. Furthermore, for all of that talk about Zimmerman being a far-right racist lunatic, he is a registered Democrat.

Feel free to add any additional facts. I just took bits and pieces of what I know. Submit your verdict below and back it up with comments in the “Leave a Comment” section. Regardless, a life was taken. R.I.P. Trayvon Martin.


You want to know what grinds my gears?

…Extreme conspiracists

I mean I do believe in some conspiracies and I do believe that the government is capable of creating atrocities in the name of an ulterior motive but there is always a line that I don’t cross. Some conpiracists are so extreme and paranoid that they do not believe a single thing that the media or the government is telling us. It’s like the moment you decide to become a politician you become part of a secret society of liars and evil-doers. Don’t some politicians that serve the people actually have good intentions? Why is this not possible? This grinds my gears. This extremism where everything is a conspiracy and the government is controlling society and so forth. If it’s so bad, either create a revolution to change the state of government or leave the country. My opinion.

…Twinkie scare

I loved Twinkies as a child. As an adult, I bought them here and there. When news broke out a couple of months ago about the company’s bankruptcy, it scared me as well as a thousand others to death. It’s one of those things where, you let someone borrow a movie you rarely watch but once it’s gone, you feel the itch to watch it. You only miss certain things once they’re gone. That’s how I felt. The good news is that a company has bought back portions of Hostess’s business (including Twinkie production) and we should see them back on shelves shortly. This reminds me of the movie Zombieland. 🙂


One of the goals of my muse is to share my thoughts and advocate feedback or comments. I want this site to be a meeting of the minds or a place to discussion anything a la “Seinfeld”-ism. What usually happens when I post something is that I receive texts, e-mails or FB messages giving me their thoughts, opinions or feedback. Please feel free to submit your feedback on the post under the “Leave a Comment” section. It helps show everyone else what’s on your mind and therefore gathering different perspectives to form your own opinion of the truth in which we continuously seek. In the “Leave a Comment” section, all that is required is that you submit your e-mail address and a name. The name is what will show but you do not have to submit a real name if you want to be anonymous. In essence, I do receive multiple messages but no actual comments via this site. And this grinds my gears. Although I love my readers and will continue to respond to any direct messages, I encourage feedback via the “Leave a Comment” section of each post. So…. don’t grind my gears… dew it!

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choose-your-own-pathSEARCHING FOR THE TRUTH – September 6, 2005

Here were my thoughts back then (in italics):

“…i want to be remembered by many for being someone that has always been honest. Honest is something that this world lacks. I’ve met many people and came across many people for whom i have developed a love for or even good feelings for. The first quality that i project is my honesty and if I’m fond of you as a friend or otherwise, i expect it in return. Honesty and trust go hand in hand. It seems that most of the people i come across aren’t ‘real’. I mean, this world is filled with deceit and lies so it makes sense that most people think that they can get away with it – and most do. Either way, the truth will eventually come to light. I can trust someone to be honest with me, but once they break that trust, they betray me and once they betray me, they lose my respect and my friendship. Why lie and play games? It’s not worth it. Life is too short and i don’t have time or even want to deal with bullshit anymore”

 I trust very few people. Trust is something that is earned. The world still is and will always be full of deceit. As far as honesty, I still try to be as honest as possible. Now, I have learned that there is also much gray area. Sometimes you must bend the truth a bit. Or sometimes the truth can sting a little too much and you can lose an ally or a person you care about. It still needs to be conveyed in its purest form but it may need to be watered down a bit or given in portions. I’ve been single for over a year and there too many games and lies being played when it comes to getting to know a possible interest. I don’t have time for it. Thus, I remain a bachelor.  😉

“Words of Wisdom…
To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be
the world”

I can’t recall who this originally came from but it’s a great quote. Truth!

“One thing that i have learned from a book I’m reading(The Millionaire Mind), is that somethings in life you have to be committed to. You can’t just say and/or partially take action. Commit, committed, commitment are the key words. For example, one always says, “damn, i want to be rich” or “I’m gonna be rich” but if you are committed, then you have more of a chance of being rich then by just wanting or having the passion to be so. Another example is if someone loves you and they say, I’m always gonna be with you. You actually have to be committed to loving this person and if you say you want to be with them and only them, you have to be committed to it and learn to be loyal to and deal with one person your whole life. Commitment. Commit to things, don’t just have the passion or thought of doing it. You have to commit. I’m committed to making a lot of money within 5 years, I’m committed to being a great father, son, brother, friend, lover, maybe boyfriend, maybe just maybe husband”

This is why I love doing these Retro Muses where I look back at what I wrote and compare it to my current perspective. When I wrote this, I was NOT married and I did NOT even meet my ex-wife. Odd. When two people marry, yes, you should be committed to that relationship. The vows do state “til death do us part, in sickness or in health” etc. I advise everyone to take the idea of matrimony serious before you decide to make this choice. Do not rely on butterflies in your stomach or the fresh phase of beginning love. Marriage is a serious and sacred vow. I have no plans on re-marrying anytime soon but this past year and a half I have had a certain person(s) catch my attention. Let’s see what the future holds. As far as everything else? Commitment is a word that separates the protagonist from the antagonists. Commitment separates the ones that are successful from the ones that settle. You have words, you have feelings, and then you should have actions. Formulate a plan. Anything is possible. Be committed. And as an individual, always be committed to being a better you.

“People chose to connect to a person for different reasons. By connect, i can mean a lot things, like connect to have sex, connect to have a friend, or a girlfriend/boyfriend, lover, etc. Some people connect because it just happens, some connect because they are lonely and need attention, others connect for curiosity. Either way, i believe that in order for the connection to be real love, you must connect on a few levels”

This is where I go on about my 4 levels of compatibility. I still believe in them but I’ve altered my feelings a bit within each. I will not talk about them in-depth in this post but in order to find something true, you must be compatible physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. But as they say, in this journey, you have people who come into your life for a reason, for a season or for a lifetime.

“My mind is clouded with thoughts that are far from any realistic reach. Included in these thoughts are what some may call dreams, other thoughts can be what some call nightmares. Dreams of the perfect woman, all the money in
the world and to be drama free; nightmares (which are actually can actually be realistic) are revenge and payback, pain and hurt all over again. All together, my mind is much clearer since March 14th. The day that my Julian
was born. Now i remain a struggling man looking to figure other things about my life out while at the same time, enjoying and not putting too much emphasis on dissecting this road called life. Why? This is the question of questions. Damn, i hate having questions and no answers”

I still question everything in life but now I am a bit more patient in finding answers. We all have problems and struggles. It’s a matter of having resiliency and moving forward. Perfect timing of this post. My son Julian turns 8 today, March 14th. He is such a smart young man. He is kind and mature as he shows great patience. Like me, he questions everything. I love him so much and look forward to guiding him as his father.

“It’s like my mind is a balance beam. Balancing the anger and pain with the love. Very fortunately, the love is out-weighing the other side. And i owe it all to my family to include my wonderful mini-me, Julian”

We all go through phases of anger and pain although some more than others. There is ALWAYS something positive to think about. Count your blessings.

Signing out…

Lito Alva aka B Star aka Tio Bubsy aka The Man With The Master Plan