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How about these new presidential candidates? It’s worse than the soap operas that are on TV. All of the candidates will be talking about how they can make America great or how they are the right fit to be Commander-In-Chief. Isn’t it interesting how a President is suppose to unite the people yet is prone to bash the other political party to show that one is right over the other. And at this point of the year, it’s not only Republican versus Democrat, it’s also a battle within each party. Each person wants to stand out. The criticisms grind the hell out of my gears. The shouting matches and the insults – is all a ploy to get you to dislike one and favor the other. It seems to be more important than actual ideas and plans to get this country on the right track. Politic soap operas grinds my gears.

The freakin’ Winter definitely gets the gears grindin’. The Fall may be even worse as all it is to me is a precursor for Winter. A reminder of the wretched snow and freezing temperatures. Winter is the season of car breakdowns and leaving early to “warm it up” and defrost the freakin’ windshields! I’m a bitter man during this season. Mostly a morning person but not during the Winter. Well, once I get into a warm office, I’m right back to cheering up. It’s just the weather that kills me. It’s the weather and it’s the short days. The most depressing thing about the Winter is leaving the office to step outside into darkness at 5:30 in the evening. This is gear grinding to the extreme.

Finally, what’s been grinding my gears are my student loans. Yes, I understand that you must hold down your own. You take these loans under the premise that you will pay back your debt plus interest. I simply wish that this was a part of high school education. As you go through higher learning, you are too busy to prepare mentally and financially to repay this loan. In addition to the possibility that you may or may not earn more money within 6 months of obtaining your degree, this is a tough debt to swallow. It grinds my gears that I did not fully prepare for this payment. I can only hope that future generations take classes prior to college to understand the realism of taking student loans. Unfortunately, it is not free money. That is what sucks the most.

What grinds your gears?

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You want to know what grinds my gears?

…Extreme conspiracists

I mean I do believe in some conspiracies and I do believe that the government is capable of creating atrocities in the name of an ulterior motive but there is always a line that I don’t cross. Some conpiracists are so extreme and paranoid that they do not believe a single thing that the media or the government is telling us. It’s like the moment you decide to become a politician you become part of a secret society of liars and evil-doers. Don’t some politicians that serve the people actually have good intentions? Why is this not possible? This grinds my gears. This extremism where everything is a conspiracy and the government is controlling society and so forth. If it’s so bad, either create a revolution to change the state of government or leave the country. My opinion.

…Twinkie scare

I loved Twinkies as a child. As an adult, I bought them here and there. When news broke out a couple of months ago about the company’s bankruptcy, it scared me as well as a thousand others to death. It’s one of those things where, you let someone borrow a movie you rarely watch but once it’s gone, you feel the itch to watch it. You only miss certain things once they’re gone. That’s how I felt. The good news is that a company has bought back portions of Hostess’s business (including Twinkie production) and we should see them back on shelves shortly. This reminds me of the movie Zombieland. 🙂


One of the goals of my muse is to share my thoughts and advocate feedback or comments. I want this site to be a meeting of the minds or a place to discussion anything a la “Seinfeld”-ism. What usually happens when I post something is that I receive texts, e-mails or FB messages giving me their thoughts, opinions or feedback. Please feel free to submit your feedback on the post under the “Leave a Comment” section. It helps show everyone else what’s on your mind and therefore gathering different perspectives to form your own opinion of the truth in which we continuously seek. In the “Leave a Comment” section, all that is required is that you submit your e-mail address and a name. The name is what will show but you do not have to submit a real name if you want to be anonymous. In essence, I do receive multiple messages but no actual comments via this site. And this grinds my gears. Although I love my readers and will continue to respond to any direct messages, I encourage feedback via the “Leave a Comment” section of each post. So…. don’t grind my gears… dew it!

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You want to know what grinds my gears?


This causes the most grinding of my gears recently. Liars and especially habitual liars should be spidey webbed and left for a vicious arachnid to feast over. I mean the truth is that we all lie in one form or another. It’s the big, blatant ones that I dislike. It’s the liars that cause mistrust in relationships. And by relationships, I mean, any relationship (i.e. friendship, family, significant other, etc.). If you are going to the movies with someone and you decided to cancel, don’t lie and say you have a flat tire. Just speak the TRUTH and be honest. Tell them you’re no longer in the mood to go. Honesty and truth hurts. At the same time, I respect those that are honest and truthful regardless of the consequence. It takes guts to be honest while preparing for backlash but it’s too easy to lie. It’s so easy to lie that it’s an epidemic. Honesty and trust is rare.

You know what else grinds my gears?


To me, this is another form of lying. Some say, “It’s not a lie, I just didn’t tell you or chose to not divulge this information”. From my knowledge (with proof), I’ve been cheated on once with my ex from the military. Although I’ve read the e-mail acknowledging of such, she didn’t admit that she cheated. Some people will carry a secret to their grave. Some people have reputations to keep and do not want to be portrayed negatively so therefore, they keep their secrets. Or, they do not want to hurt anyone, so instead, they keep their secrets. Well this grinds my gears. Once again, this is something we are all guilty of at some point or another, but it’s wrong when secrets involve friends, family and significant others. I DO believe in karma, and things will come back around and bite them in their secretive asses.

What else grinds my gears?

…Food that is bad for you is cheap and tasty

I’ve been on a health kick. Well, I’ve been on a health kick here and there as I’m not the most consistent person when it comes to eating “right”. And during hard times, it’s tough to eat healthy. One of the main reasons America is the most obese nation is because bad food is available everywhere you go. And by bad food, I mean food with flavor that is oh so yummy but not the best for you health-wise. On top of that, this “bad” food can be found cheap. Perfect example: dollar menus. Whether it’s McDonalds or Burger King, how many items on the dollar menu are actually “healthy”?

All the good stuff like fish, salads, etcetera are so damn expensive. And most of the healthy food has little to no taste, compared to bad foods, unless you are creative. Or unless you just happen to be the lucky few that looks forward to eating beets. I love beets by the way :).

Finally, another thing that grinds my gears is…

Paying for recycling

Ok, not sure how many of you have to do this. Yes, I PAY for recycling. What’s worst is that when I lived in a more urban area like Wilmington, DE, the city would give ME coupons for food when I recycled. Depending on the weight of your recycled material, you would get points. These points would accumulate and you can go online and purchase coupons such as “buy $50 worth of grocery at ACME and get $10”. This is the way to go. Then I moved. I got a house and moved to New Castle, DE. Now I have to PAY for recycling. So I went from, receiving or being awarded to participate TO actually having a bill in order to recycle. This really GRINDS MY FREAKIN’ GEARS. I’m sure there’s a logical explanation. It costs to recycle material as well as the equipment used to recycle, and it costs for land use, etc. But what about the Wilmington residents that rent? Why do they get awarded?? Not fair and worthy of the gear grinding feeling.

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