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One of my main thoughts when reasoning or trying to interpret someone’s actions is: what is/was the persons perspective or what is the perspective on the action that took place.

It is all about perspective. Think about every action from the person’s point of view. Selfish thinking is a disease stemming from overall selfishness. In thinking from one end, why would that person take that action? or I wonder what that person would think if I did or said this?, this creates more understanding and clarity.

Why is this so rare? Because most individuals tend to be greedy. All about themselves without regard for others. This includes parents with children. Once you have children, it is your duty to think about their happiness and not just yours.

Of course, there is also a happy medium as the complete opposite is not healthy either. The selfless tend to risk their own happiness so that others can be satisfied.

The point is… visual life through the minds of others.

Politically – maybe Donald Trump truly believes that he can change this country for the better. Maybe it’s not about personal gain and power. Hey, at least it’s a thought. At least I’ve attempted to look through his perspective.

Give it a try… look at life through the eyes of someone else and imagine why they choose to action in question. Maybe there is a valid reason or maybe there’s a selfish reason.

Business – employees complaining about supervisors and so forth…. well, if it was my company, I would also ensure I am paying for 8 ours of service from my employees. Time is money. That is perspective.

It is all about perspective…

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Selfishness is a natural disease that exists in most people in this world. At least it seems natural since it’s so prominent in life. I mean we are all selfish to a certain degree. It is our life and we make decisions based on what will make us happy. But like everything else, there should be a median. Unfortunately, most exceed that median.

I am a materialistic person as I enjoy the finest things in life and want to pursue that thing called happiness. I also want to believe that most of my decisions are made with my family in mind. My work is a perfect example. The job I currently perform is not the most entertaining and those around me can vouch for how I feel. Even still, I do it to the best of my ability and even look for opportunities for more work. I have bills to pay, food to put on the table and to take care of my boys. My wonderful sons, Lino and Julian, enjoy the time they spend with me. I tried to be a fun dad. Life is worth living for them alone.

At the same time, I have also fell in the pits of selfishness. Some decisions I can even say have caused me great losses in life. From this you can only learn and be aware of why you take the actions you take. View the possible outcome from different perspectives. If I chose to do this, what would this person think and how will I affect that relationship?, etc.

It’s like exercising, you get better in time. You train your mind to be a bit less selfish as others care for you and your decisions are not taking them into account. There is a median for this as well. You can’t live your life making someone else happy all while you are struggling to seek the same feeling.

In general, selfishness truly is a disease. There are so many people with families that do not take the time to mold and educate their children. It’s great to bring a child into this world and an amazing feeling to have a baby that came from you but there is work involved. The work is in ensuring they have a bright future, that they are raised to be respectful, intelligent and opinionated. It’s not just about feeding them, sending them to school and repeating the cycle day in and day out. The time you spend with them should be fun and productive. They should always be learning something from you. Having children should require someone that is unselfish as children need a lot of your time and focus.

There are other aspects and examples of selfishness that exists. I bet some of you can think of many more.

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