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Long Life Blessing


Work for tomorrow. At your birth, you labored to get into this World. Don’t stop your work now. Stop only when you close your eyes for the last time.


Stive to stay happy. Be assured evil will work on you every day.


Be mindful of who you associate with. They have their own agenda, centered for their benefit.


Eat in a valued manner. Not just like everyone else.


Drink well to nurture your thirst. The water of life will sustain you.



– Frank Cario Sr.

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Background: In my journey as a new-found bachelor these past 10 months, I have met many people. Mostly women but also interesting people in general. While cleansing the palate with some fine spirits at a local pub, I’ve come across a unique gentleman by the name of Frank Cario Sr. Frank is 71 years old. He is a New Yawk Italian of the old-school type, mannerisms and all. Frank has much to say and you can’t help it but to listen intently as there are things you can learn from the man. His wisdom runs deep. It happens to be that Frank writes his own muses. After explaining his thoughts, he passed along a couple of his writings to me. Being that Frank is not internet savvy, I told him I would share them via my own online muse. This section will be called “Frank’s Corner”.

My Soul, My Heart, My Life !


When I saw the shoes that I was in, they were sufficient.


I felt Good !


I felt Happy !


I felt Complete !


I felt Adequate !


I felt Loved like Never Before !


It took all my life to see this blessing, and for this I am completely thankful.


My Soul sings out loud, in the presence of the Lord !


Frank Cario Sr.

August 14, 2012

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